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GAC's Membership Fee: $60.00 a year
2nd Child Discount: $20 Registration Fee 2nd Child and 10% off Class Fee 2nd Child.

The discounts are taken after registration is received and before being charged.
Please note our fees posted are Monthly fees when reviewing the list of classes.


What is Sports Acrobatics?

Sports Acro is a specialized gymnastics discipline where small groups of gymnasts work together to perform figures consisting of acrobatic moves, choreography, and tumbling sets to music.
This class at GAC is beginner sports acro as a generic introduction for ages from 6-12.
The overall goal of the class is to start the process of learning the required body shapes, salts  and holds for the flyers (tuck, pike, straddle, handstand) in various forms depending on ability. In identifying the athletes we would have in the class we would start to pair off into base and flyer depending on age, height and weight. In pairs they will start to build counterbalance and stand on shoulders as the foundation of balance exercise. This class will heavily involve acro specific conditioning and build on this throughout their development. 

Cost: $85.00/Month (1 day), $130.00/Month (2 day)


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