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GAC's Membership Fee: $60.00 a year
2nd Child Discount: $20 Registration Fee 2nd Child and 10% off Class Fee 2nd Child.

The discounts are taken after registration is received and before being charged.
Please note our fees posted are Monthly fees when reviewing the list of classes.

Tumbling Ages 6-12

This hour-long class focuses on beginner to intermediate tumbling. Students will learn the correct body shapes for handstands, cartwheels, walkovers, round-offs, and more! Good for dancers, gymnasts and cheerleaders.

Cost: $85.00+/Month


Tumbling Advanced

This hour-long class focuses on more advanced tumbling techniques such as aerials, tucks, and twisting. Students should ideally have a back handspring. Good for dancers, gymnasts and cheerleaders.

Cost: $85.00+/Month


High School Tumbling

This is a class set up by the interested team and scheduled with our tumbling coaches. The level of difficultly will depend on the team and their specific goals. This is a great option for high school cheerleading squads or dance teams who wish to come into our gym as a group. 

Inquiries can be emailed to Coach Tim



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