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GAC Physical Education Program

Randy Parrish is a K-12 certified Physical Education teacher and has been teaching K-6th PE since 2001. He attended Illinois State University where he completed his bachelor, in Physical Education, Health, Recreation, and Dance.  

He owned Quincy Gymnastics for 25 years before moving to Charleston, SC 9 years ago.  Randy is the GAC Boys Team coach, recreational & preschool coordinator.  He has substituted in the Charleston School District while coaching at The Gymnastics Academy of Charleston.  

Randy has provided incredible Field Day experiences for Daniel Island Elementary, Pinckney Elementary, Laurel Hill, and Carolina Park Elementary. He has been the Director of Flip Fest Summer Gymnastics Camp for the past 19 years and speaks nationally and internationally on gymnastics development and class management.

Randy will be offering a weekly Physical Education Experience to fill the gap of those students who are e-learning at home or alternating days.  Below is a sample education curriculum:

Fitness Unit (Fitness Evaluation), Team Building and Cooperative Games, Gymnastics Unit (Introduction), Throwing and Catching Unit, Football Concepts, Basketball Unit, Soccer Unit, Frisbee Games and Activities, Jump Rope Unit, Four Square & Spike Ball, Volleyball Unit, Tennis Unit, plus many more.



Physical Education Director

"The Professional FunMaster" Randy was a former competitive college gymnast at Illinois State University. He has been coaching since 1976 and owned Quincy Gymnastics for 25 years and coached gymnasts and cheerleaders to the National level and collegiate level. He is a certified Physical Education teacher. In addition, he is the director of FLIP FEST summer gymnastics camp in Tennessee owned by Olympians John Macready and John Roethlisberger. He coaches all levels including recreational gymnastics here at GAC. He is GAC’s Program Developer and Director. He has coached athletes to various State, Regional, and National levels. He is USAG National and Regional Clinician and USAG Men’s and Women’s Professional Coach, Meet Director and Safety Certified.  


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